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Monday, January 08, 2007


It's been a while, but I have to post this for anyone who does not have kids at home. This is a great gift idea, and its FREE ... For Christmas my parents, my niece Tiphanie and my sister Nikki came to Colorado. My sister's gift to me was to let me sleep in every morning. It was great! I hope she gives the same gift next year. If you're a mommy, let me know if I need to drop any hints to someone!!!

In unrelated news, here is the latest on my kids ...

Last Thursday the Riley's came over for dinner. We were having great conversations, so the night got pretty late. Rana finally fell asleep in my lap around 11pm. Scott took her to bed, but at 3am she came to our bed and tapped him on the shoulder, "Dad, you forgot to read me the Bible." Love that!

Owen discovered 10 king sized Hershey's bars (christmas gift) on my nightstand one morning. "Mom, whas dat?" I said "That's Mommy's." "No Mom, dat's CHOCWIT!" His eyes were so full of excitment. In the following days I found him under the bed with the chocolate, hiding in the closet with the chocolate, and in the bathroom with the chocolate. The chocolate is now on the highest shelf of the pantry.

Jace has just figured out how to pull himself up in his crib. The only problem is he can't figure out how to get back down. At naptime he cries his angry/hurt cry because he is so tired, but can't get to his tummy. It took me a couple of days to figure it out. Not my proudest Mommy moment.

I love it when I take time to notice how precious they are. Not sure why it doesn't happen more often. Maybe that should be one of my resolutions for 2007.


Blogger April said...

What a great gift!! The chocolate bar story is hilarious!

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Heidi said...

Want that gift...drop hints! I remember Isaac doing the same thing Jace is doing. Breaks your heart, but will soon pass!

8:05 PM  
Blogger SunJane said...

love the chocolate under the bed. That would so be Claie!
Oh and sleeping in...........that rules!

12:59 PM  

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