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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


God sent us 62 degrees of warm weather today. The kids and I played outside all morning and then ate lunch outside as well. We were not at all anxious to be indoors. This is the first day Rana and Owen have been able to have fun in their "Pimp My Ride" jeep that Papa brought up for Christmas. They couldn't get enough. Rana called herself Lightning McQueen as she drove up on the snow banks putting the car on two wheels. I had fun soaking up the sun and enjoying the entertainment.

The only one not happy today was Jace. After the Super Bowl party at Senor Loco's (aka, Smiley) house, he woke up with a fever and congestion. Unfortunately for him, he cannot suck his thumb and breathe out of his nose, so sleep has been hard to get. Ahhhh.


Blogger April said...

Wow, that's almost Texas weather. We're at 69 today. I love the "ride"!! Glad you're enjoying the day.

1:42 PM  
Blogger Padre Reeds said...

Jace's pic is hilarious. He's upset while his sister tears up the 'hood.
It's 77F here today. I'd go to the beach, but I feel so achey flu-like I don't even want to walk to the bathroom. Hurts my bones too much. "Sunny! bring me my peein' jug!"

1:46 PM  
Blogger mckeelife said...

Love the car! We were outside all day today too! Hope Jace is better, where was he when you were all playing outside? I didn't know he sucked his thumb, your other two didn't do that did they?

9:28 PM  
Anonymous barbara said...

dont know if you will get this but had to try I LOVE your blog and the kids pictures are wonderful sure miss you and yours and cant wait to get some advice from your fashion expert barbara

9:26 AM  
Anonymous tiphanie said...

Wow y'all actually got warm weather!
well just to keep you informed softball season has started, and today dad went to go buy me two bats.
I also have a new cell phone, my # is 214-392-3935. It has a camera on it, it's way better then my last phone

5:03 PM  

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