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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tonight we went trick or treating with some of our Colorado family in the new hood. We haven't moved into our place, but we took full advantage of the opportunity to mingle with neighbors. The weather and the atmosphere were perfect --a cool, crisp night (not too cool or crisp) with children and parents everywhere.
The real treat for me this Halloween was my little Owen. While the other kids were hustling from house to house with candy on the brain, he couldn't help but take time to celebrate each piece of candy he received, and also to marvel over all the Halloween decor. At one point he even stopped to sing "the itsy bitsy spider" to a gigantic-sized inflatable spider in one of the yards. Because of this, he spent most of his time sprinting to the next door to catch the others. As I marveled at him, I realized that he possessed one of his Dad's personality traits. Some call it "stopping to smell the roses." Embarrassingly, I have not shown much appreciation for this quality in my husband lately. My treat was the reminder from Owen to enjoy and even celebrate the present, and to take time to sing to inflatable spiders. Thanks, son for being like your Dad, and teaching me a lesson. You're a true joy to your Mommy.
I was obligated under Mommy law to give equal time to my daughter. Fortunately for me, it doesn't take long to notice Rana's redeeming qualities. In good big-sister fashion, she was notifying each treat-giver that "her brother, the lion" would be arriving soon. She made sure the door remained open while Owen made his way up, and didn't have much kind to say to, or about, the elderly man who didn't hear her, and shut his door. I could only smile because there is no mistaking it... she is definitely my girl!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Snow Days

Growing up, there were few things better than a snow day. Probably because they NEVER happened in Texas, and if they did, they were better categorized as ice days. Nonetheless, today was a snow day in Colorado. My kids absolutely love to play in the snow. Even Jace was content to be in the cold with snow hitting his perfect little face. I love to see my kids having fun, and being snowed in also gave me the opportunity to clean my house! Thank you, Lord.

We completed our snow time with hot chocolate and a Christmas movie. For Owen, "snow" and "Christmas" are synonymous. The only thing missing was Dad. He had to do something. I think it's called work!