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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fun-due, Fun Summer

The theme for this summer is FUN! We've had a lot of it, even though we're insanely busy (what's new, right?). Because I know some of you are into fun neighbor ideas (I'm so stealing Sunny's May Day idea for next year), here's one Rana pulled from her kids cookbook. It's a very simple fun-due recipe that she invited any neighbor available to. It was basically one cup of chocolate chips with 4 tbsp milk microwaved for 30 seconds. We doubled the recipe, of course. I'm wishing I would have branched out and bought white chocolate chips and peanut butter chocolate chips too. Doesn't that sound yummy? We served the fun-due with marshmallows, butter cake, brownies (all store bought, but do what makes you happy!), strawberries, cantaloupe and pineapple. It was half payback for 2 of my neighbors who insist on bringing desserts to my place like the one in this pic. Isn't that sinful? Our neighborhood is fun enough, but we'll take any excuse to hang with "the neighbors" (My kids still call most of them "the neighbors, as if they don't have names.).

And for the fam... here's Jace at the zoo with Aunt Jayan (Gina). He loves that girl!