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Friday, May 23, 2008


3 days until the race. I'm surprisingly excited. The reason I decided to run was because my friend Diana told me it would take away all my baby weight. Unfortunately, I can still tell that Jace happened right around my mid-section. Can't really complain about much else, though. I'm in pretty decent shape, and I know I will run the race well -- not near as well as FloJo, but good for me. It feels nice.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Daddy's Home

Scott has been gone most of May. He's home for a little bit which means Mama can breathe, but of course I really haven't. I/We are clearly too busy. "Busy-ness is our biggest vice. It so easily takes our focus off our kids, others and God. Scott's reflections on his way home included guilt over our failure this month to focus our kids on God's word. I took it as an attack since I am actually the one home with them. I didn't tell him that I was offended. I felt that he is the ring leader of keeping our lives jam packed with work. Then that quiet voice let me know that I was a responsible adult with choices. I did/do hold some of the blame. With this on my heart we got away to the mountains. The mountains are a great place to see God and experience peace. I see Him often in my kids and in cirumstances, but to see Him in nature is awesome (and I mean truly AWEsome), and a peaceful pleasure. You cannot deny Him in the mountains. It's the perfect getaway. Our kids also love the mountains and fishing and being with Dad, of course. It was a good day of reflection for me.