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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Jace Is Home

Thanks to everyone for the concern and prayers over Jace the past few days. Since I've had little chance to talk to most, here's the scoop... I took Jace to the doctor Thursday when I noticed that he was working really hard to breathe. Upon testing his oxygen levels, the doctor immediately called the paramedics, and in about 4 minutes we were being whisked away to the emergency room. It was scary as my mommy instincts knew before I took him in that something was really wrong. As I suspected, he tested positive for RSV, but also had pneumonia in both lungs. We hoped to only stay for the afternoon, but that turned into an overnight stay, which then turned into another overnight stay. Fortunately, for me, they did not put an IV (is that right ... IV?) in him, though the ER nurse really wanted to. They let him come home today on oxygen, and we will go to the doctor Monday to see how he's doing.
We've had so much support, and I have to tell everyone how grateful I am. My friend Rachel watched Rana and Owen while we were in the ER; my friend Joy brought a meal for Scott and the kids (she didn't even ask, just did it); my friend Kim is bringing a meal tomorrow; Scott's family prayed like crazy; my sisters worked to get my mom up here to help; my friend Joy also gave us a nebulizer and all the Albuterol treatments that Jace will need (She doesn't read my blog, so I'm not buttering up!) and countless other friends prayed, called and offered to help. I also can't forget my husband who had a couple of really hard days with work and the kids. It's definitely a time of reflection for me ... a time to count my blessings and thank God for the life of our baby boy. Scott and I are rich -- 2 very supportive families, and great friends who go beyond the call of duty. It's very amazing and even overwhelming to think about. We may never have the opportunity to give back, and yet that's what loving Christ and others is all about. What a humbling and beautiful thing.
These pictures of him were taken this past Sunday when we discovered that he can climb the stairs.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


God sent us 62 degrees of warm weather today. The kids and I played outside all morning and then ate lunch outside as well. We were not at all anxious to be indoors. This is the first day Rana and Owen have been able to have fun in their "Pimp My Ride" jeep that Papa brought up for Christmas. They couldn't get enough. Rana called herself Lightning McQueen as she drove up on the snow banks putting the car on two wheels. I had fun soaking up the sun and enjoying the entertainment.

The only one not happy today was Jace. After the Super Bowl party at Senor Loco's (aka, Smiley) house, he woke up with a fever and congestion. Unfortunately for him, he cannot suck his thumb and breathe out of his nose, so sleep has been hard to get. Ahhhh.

Monday, February 05, 2007


One of my sister-in-laws sent this to me. I think it's hilarious!