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Saturday, April 14, 2007

What Was I Thinking?

I am stubborn enough to be good at most things I try. I can learn new things well or at least complete them on a competent level (or so I thought). So, the idea of baking cakes from scratch seemed like no big deal. After all, our family has many reasons to celebrate this time of year, so a box cake just didn't seem appropriate. I went on the internet and found a cake and frosting recipe. All the ingredients were listed and the directions were written out in steps, just like I like them. I even read the comments and found that a box of pudding enhanced the receipe, so I added it. What the recipe did not list was important words to know in the bakers' vernacular. I drove to the store to gather ingredients, and should have known I was in over my head when I could not find the confectioner's sugar. I called a friend who was unavailable and then dialed my mother in law before I spotted the cheap brand with the words "Confectioner's Sugar." I hung up the phone quickly. I know my mother in law feels sorry for her son when I call with silly cooking questions. Anyway ... I should have known then that I was in over my head, but I'm not one to give up that easy. Of course, I was oblivious at this point to what was in store. To make it quick, I didn't have enough vegetable oil and had to borrow canola oil from the neighbor; my arms are sore because I thought that you had to mix while sifting (I really thought they were going to fall off); I forgot to put my special pudding ingredient in the mix; I thought I had burned the cakes, but discovered I had not cooked them long enough when I started to ice them, and they began falling apart; I realized that I spent more time covering up the cake particles in the icing than I did baking the cake; I had no idea fondant could be microwaved so I spent 10 minutes using force and kinetic energy trying to roll it (I finally got smart); and did I mention that my mixer started smoking as I was making the frosting? So, after 4 hours of baking and icing, and another 2 decorating with the kids the photo above is what we have. I don't know if they're edible, but they are presentable!

No one has ever made me feel inferior, incapable or stupid. But can I say that God used something to do the job? I'm a little humbled.

The conclusion to this story is: the next time my husband takes the kids out for the night, I will not spend my time doing something I know I don't like to do (cooking) in my least favorite room of the house (kitchen). Betty Crocker and Ducan Hines do a fabulous job, and they're cheaper and cause less stress. And there are some things, perhaps many things, that I'm just not good at or capable of!