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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Halloween and a DCC Where Are They Now

We had a great season this year. Scott was able to be home, and the weather has been unbeatable. We trick or treated in our hood again. I hope it becomes a yearly tradition. Here's a little game of catch-up for the old college buddies ...
Cody and Rachel are still at The Pearl. Feel free to send donations! Rachel just started a full-time job, but they love her and let her have Wednesdays off. I'm not surprised. She also continues to be the MVP of our volleyball team. Cody is a busy worker and dreamer. He also works for virtual DCC, and does some church planting consulting, I think. He's always dreaming of ways to make an impact on The Pearl's community. The kids are still cute and both celebrated birthdays recently. They are "Moore" to the core!

Can't believe I didn't get a good shot of A.J. She is very pregnant, and can't wait for the baby to come. I'm predicting a boy, but she doesn't know. She is using our faithful midwife Judy who does not perform or recommend sonograms. Jarrod is finishing up his time at The Pearl at the end of this year. He is stepping out on faith and will be dedicated to opening a coffee shop in Denver. Send donations! He is also doing work for SMC. He does a great job for us. If you can't tell, Olivia is a little A.J., and Ossie is a little Jarrod. I think the pics speak for themselves.

Smiley and Judith could not make it this year. Smiley is busy pursuing his new career. We've all been amazed. Not sure how he gets that physique with all the tortillas and beans. God has always been on his side. In his spare time he ministers to a Spanish church in Denver. Send donations!They love him. Judith is enjoying a little bit of freedom now that Ihsan and Jared are both in school. She can still out shop any one of us.

Here is a bad Mommy moment that I'm documenting for myself. Rana was allergic to the paint I put on her face. I didn't realize it, and put it on her twice that day. She woke up with the reddest, puffiest, little face. Bad Mommy :(
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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Table Dancers

Here is a video I tried to post a couple of weeks ago. We all go a little nuts when Scott is gone! I'll do Halloween next week ... promise. I just got this to load, so I had to get it out because I laugh hysterically at this.